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Jan 10, 2013 9:00am EST
a great example. the boeing aerial refueling tanker, kc-46a, that, you know, first of all should mention we're still under a continuing resolution, so that program like many other programs where funding was supposed to be ramped up, it's stuck at last year's level. so it's already a billion dollars short in that program. but if you add sequestration on top of that and even if you appropriate, you know, a higher level for the year once they replace the continuing resolution, um, you're still left short. well, we had a contract we signed with boeing and a rate at which we were going to buy those tankers coming off the production line. now you're cutting that tunnelfunding. we can't keep can up our end of the contract. now, it's been reported that boeing bid very competitively to win that contract, and they are losing money on the early phases of it. when we have to go as a nation and renegotiate that contract, do you really think we're in a good position to maintain such a competitive price if or is boeing going to walk out of that negotiation in a better position, perhaps not losing money
Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
the right and make that deal with you. >> boe presidents bashar al-assad on what to al jazeera. they've been talking for the last 55 minutes. our coverage will continue. that is al-assad being integrated -- and greeted by his supporters in damascus. we will dispense. islamic leader today >>> i think cybersecurity remains the top priority because of its national security implications. we saw the congress failed to reach the site security legislation in 2012 as perhaps many would have predicted. they remain a part because industry is opposed to any sort of cybersecurity standard. >> i think another issue is implementing the incentive options to create more spectrum so the ftc has their sleeves rolled up and people are working on that and some hot-button issues are on the licensed spectrum that the sector is coming up with all the time. >> ned neutrality could be a big time. the d.c. circuit is considering the challenge to the fcc rules, and it is unclear how the court is going to rule the there are indications on similar issues in the past the d.c. circuit has been skeptical of the authority.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2